Squamish Youth Services

Youth Programs & Services

Youth Services provides access to a variety of programming and services for youth ages 12 to 24 years old. Programs range from drop in space, curated programs and activities, workshops, training’s, outings, community outreach, school programs and more.

Youth can access support, resources and referrals to mental health and primary care services. Programs are based in Squamish and we welcome all youth.

Our goal is for youth to thrive to their highest potential are healthy, happy and engaged community members.

For more on the 2019 Youth Strategy and a list of resources for youth go to: squamish.ca/rec/youth-services/

Current Program Information

For more information on current programming and to sign up, click the program, click here!

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Coming soon!

Foundry Squamish is coming!

Previously called the Squamish Youth Resource Centre, we are very excited to announce the creation of a new Youth Hub and partnership with Foundry BC.

Visit our Foundry Squamish page for more information.

Leadership Opportunities

Want to be a part of the Foundry Squamish Project? Sign up to be on our Youth or Family Advisory Committees.

We are looking for youth ages 12-24 and families to participate in the project by forming two advisory committees; One specific to you and one specific to families.

Committees will work with us throughout the project to ensure voices of the community are heard and that services match needs of local youth and families.

Apply to be a committee member – send an expression of interest that includes:

  • Your contact information
  • Which committee you’re interested in joining (Youth or Families)
  • Your general availability to participate in meetings
  • Brief description as to why you want to be on the committee

Email cydney.lyons@sscs.ca to apply!

Contact Information

Cydney Lyons, Acting Manager, Youth Services
cydney.lyons@sscs.ca | 6048493822

Krista Germyn, Manager of Youth Services

Caitlin Anderson, Coordinator of Youth Services
caitlin.anderson@sscs.ca | 604-815-3004

Sarah Bulford, Youth Worker
sarah.bulford@sscs.ca | 604-848-4563

Georgia Dow, Youth Worker
georgia.dow@sscs.ca | 604-815-7934