Waitlist form, Preschool-aged programs

Fees are paid monthly in advance for the number of days your child is registered, as long as the program is running. You do not pay for days when the program is not running.  Fees in brackets reflect the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative and are also used to complete the Affordable Childcare Benefit forms.


  • $42.50 Garibaldi Highlands (no reduction)
  • $57.50 Dandelions & Dragonflies (under 3yrs: $40 / 3-5yrs: $52.50)

Please note: Being on the wait list does not guarantee a space. You are only required to wait list once as your child’s name will remain on the wait list until they receive care or you request it to be removed.  You will be contacted only if space becomes available for your child.

Please review the following documents: