Out of School Care

Childcare that helps kids blossom

We run out of school care programs in Squamish and Pemberton. You may have your child in our program one day or any number of days a week; the fees vary according to how often your child is with us.

Squamish Out of School Care – before and after school

We offer care for children aged 5-12 at five locations in Squamish: Mamquam, Brackendale, Squamish, Garibaldi Highlands and Valleycliffe Elementary Schools. The programs run when school is in session. Activities include cooking, drama, arts and crafts, science and exploration, homework time, relaxation and field trips. The structured activities are balanced by unstructured activities such as free play, outdoor play, art, music, circle, snack and field trips.

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Pemberton After School Club – 3:00pm – 6:00pm
The after school club is a safe, fun and active program that keeps children busy after school. Children have indoor and outdoor time as well as time for art, writing and games. They also have time for homework.

Interested in this program or space availability? Complete waitlist registration here

“Amazing teachers. Taking kids outside and exploring the neighborhoods around the school. Letting kids play (and not be stressed). Letting kids get to build relationships with children of different ages from different classes. Incredible program!” - Program participant

Childcare Coordinator – for all program inquiries

Lorraine Teanby, Childcare Coordinator: lorraine.teanby@sscs.ca, 604 892-5796 ext. 239

Out of School Care, Brackendale Elementary School contact information
Location: Classroom 1 at Brackendale Elementary School (see map)

Shari Begley: shari.begley@sscs.ca, 604 892 4099

Out of School Care, Garibaldi Highlands Elementary School contact information

Location: The cabin on the school grounds at Garibaldi Highlands Elementary School (see map)

Colleen Afelskie: Senior Educator, colleen.afelskie@sscs.ca: 604 848 8344

Out of School Care, Mamquam Elementary School contact information

Location: Library at Mamquam Elementary School (see map)

Thomas Aukstakalnis, Senior Educator, mamquam.osc@sscs.ca, 604-892-7783

Out of School Care, Signal Hill Elementary School contact information

Location: The portable behind Signal Hill Elementary School (see map)

Donna McLeod, Senior Educator: pemberton.osc@sscs.ca  604-894-1414

Out of School Care, Squamish Elementary School contact information

Location: Portable B at Squamish Elementary School (see map)

Lorna Avis, Senior Educator: squamish.osc@sscs.ca, 604 892 7620