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Physical and Occupational Therapies

Therapy for motor skill development

We offer therapy to help children and young people develop their motor skills:

  • Occupational therapy develops fine motor skills like printing, using scissors and finger dexterity. Occupational therapists also help children with feeding difficulties
  • Physical therapy develops gross motor skills like sitting, crawling, standing, walking and moving through growth and developmental stages

Our therapists work with children from birth to Grade 12.

These programs are funded by the Province of British Columbia and School District 48.

“Grateful for Sea to Sky, they have been there supporting my family through a hard and confusing time. Fortunate that my son has worked with them during this crucial time in his life. Thank you”

“Your staff is very knowledgeable and always has great ideas and suggestions. Thank you for your hard work!”

- Program participants

Physical and Occupational Therapies contact information

Annie McDonald, Child Development Services Coordinator:, 604 892 5796, ext. 125 or direct 604 567 9098

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