Sea to Sky Community Services (SSCS) is leading a new project to help address the critical shortage of affordable housing in the Village of Pemberton and surrounding areas. Our organization has been working with the community for more than 40 years, providing a range of social services from affordable housing to child care to mental health services.

We are in the initial stages of preparing a proposal to build affordable rental housing on the corner of Harrow Road and Highway 99. The questions and answers below provide some additional information about the proposed project and next steps.

What is planned on Harrow Road and Highway 99?

Sea to Sky Community Services is working with the Village of Pemberton to bring much needed affordable rental housing to the region. We are in the initial stages of a project proposal and are examining the 3-acre property at the corner of Harrow Road and Highway 99. As part of our due diligence, we are gathering geotechnical and property data to confirm suitability of the proposed site.

What will the proposed development include?

The project is designed to provide affordable non-market rental housing to families, seniors, and persons with disabilities. The proposed development would create approximately 60 housing units for community members, as well as space for social services.

What will the development look like (size, height, etc.)?

The project is in the initial stages and building plans and designs have not been finalized. We are committed to designing plans that will integrate with the environment, exceed energy efficiency standards, and complement the Village’s spectacular setting. The information currently being gathered will help inform the design process, including building size, height, setbacks, etc.

Who is non-market affordable housing designed for?

The housing will be for a mix of rents and incomes within a single building, and geared to families, seniors, and persons with disabilities. 30% of units will be affordable housing (moderate incomes), 50% will be rent geared to income (subsidized units for households that meet BC Housing limits), 20% Deep subsidy (low incomes). The housing program does not include housing with support services or residential care components.

Who is working on this potential development?

Sea to Sky Community Services is leading the affordable housing project and is working in partnership with the Village of Pemberton. We have a long history of partnering with communities throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor and BC Housing to help address the housing shortage. The proposed Harrow Road project would be the fifth affordable and inclusive housing development operated by Sea to Sky Community Services. Currently, we manage 232 housing units across the corridor. 

Besides housing, what else is planned for the development?

In addition to creating approximately 60 affordable housing units, the proposed development would include space for SSCS administration and social services. For decades, we have been working with people in the Pemberton and surrounding areas to provide a wide range of services – from child development to crisis intervention to employment programs. Our goal is to build a new space for SSCS staff and programs, so that our team can be closer to the community we support.

When will this happen? What stage is the project in?

We are in the early stages of the proposal and are gathering information to validate the feasibility of the housing development. Following that, an OCP amendment and rezoning application would be submitted to the Village of Pemberton for their review and approval by Council. Public engagement opportunities will occur as part of the OCP amendment and rezoning process.

Where can I find more information?

In the weeks and months ahead, we will continue to provide updates and feedback opportunities, including community open houses, a project website, and opportunities to speak with project team members. Additional information about our services in the Pemberton region is available here and a media release about affordable housing for Pemberton is available here.

Who can I speak with?

If you have any questions about the proposed affordable housing project, please contact Jessie Abraham, Director of Housing, at: