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Housing FAQ

Frequently asked questions about housing

We manage four popular rental housing developments in Squamish: Castle Rock Family Housing, Riverstones, Centrepoint Apartments, and the new Spirit Creek Apartments We hope this page answers your questions about renting housing from us.


What types of housing do you have?

At Castle Rock we have  2-, 3- and 4-bedroom two-storey townhouses for rent. At Riverstones we have 1- and 2-bedroom apartments for rent. At Centrepoint Apartments we have studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments,

How long do I need to live in the community for to be eligible to move into a suite?

Sea to Sky Community Services (SSCS) requires that applicants reside in the Sea to Sky Corridor* for one year in order to be eligible for housing. Exceptions are made for applicants who currently have family living in the area.

*Sea to Sky Corridor extends from Britannia Beach to Mount Currie.

Are any of your homes accessible for people in wheelchairs?

At Castle Rock, we have two 4-bedroom homes that are accessible. None of the apartments at Riverstones are fully accessible but several apartments have modified bathrooms for people with physical disabilities. At Centrepoint, there are two accessible studio apartments.

Is there accessible parking and storage?

Yes. At Castle Rock, we have several accessible parking stalls on the property. Each townhouse has its own private covered carport.  Each townhouse has ample storage space.

At Riverstones we have several accessible parking stalls in close proximity to elevators on the property. Each home is provided with a private parking stall for one vehicle. Storage is limited but is available at a cost of $50 a month.

At Centrepoint, there are two accessible parking stalls.

Do I need to meet certain requirements to rent housing from Sea to Sky Community Services?

Riverstones has 54 apartments that are open to everyone but some of the housing we manage is restricted, yes:

  • Castle Rock is for families on low to moderate incomes who have children up to 18 years of age living at home. Families must be eligible through the BC Housing Registry.
  • 30 of the 84 apartments in Riverstones are for seniors (55+) and for adults with disabilities who are eligible through the BC Housing Registry.
  • Centrepoint apartments has 32 below market rental units.
How can I rent a home with Sea to Sky Community Services?

Complete a housing application online for the following sites:

  • Castle Rock Family Housing
  • Riverstones Apartments 
  • Centrepoint Apartments 
  • Spirit Creek Housing

When a home becomes available, we’ll contact you and the other applicants so you can view the apartment or townhouse.

How does SSCS decide who gets offered an apartment or townhouse?

When we receive an application, we’ll note which of our homes you’re eligible for – for example, you’re not eligible for a four-bedroom townhouse if you have one child. When one of those homes is becoming available for rent, we’ll call you – and everyone else who is eligible for that home. We’ll confirm eligibility and offer you (and the other eligible applicants) the opportunity to view the home. After the viewings are complete, we’ll offer the home to one of the applicants. Who we offer a home to is dependent on many factors, including:

  • Need. Guidelines are set by BC Housing to objectively evaluate the needs of each applicant. The guidelines consider the cost of rent as a percentage of income, current living conditions, assets, length of time waiting for a home and other factors.
  • Suitability. For example, the physical layout of the home or the housing complex may make it inappropriate for some.
  • References. Good references from prior landlords are an important factor in the evaluation process.
How much will I be expected to pay?

54 apartments at Riverstones are rented at fair below-market rates, which change over time and are made known in advance to applicants viewing available apartments.

The townhouses at Castle Rock and 30 of the Riverstones apartments (those that are set aside for seniors 55+ and for adults with disabilities) are rented out at a rate that is determined by the household income and household size. This rate calculation is a provincial government calculation. The rate is explained in the application form and is usually (30% is the standard number) about 30% of a household’s income before tax.

At Centrepoint Apartments, 16 apartments are rented at fair below-market rates, which change over time and are made known in advance to applicants viewing available apartments. The remaining 16 apartments are rented out at a rate that is determined by the household income and household size.

Can I keep my pet?

Maybe. In some of our properties you are allowed one pet. If you have a pet, it’s best to speak to our team in advance to find out about eligibility and availability:

How long will it take to get offered a home?

We’re not sure! It may be a while. The wait time depends on the type of housing you require and our housing availability. Unfortunately, there is a large demand for affordable housing in Squamish. A new placement can only happen after a current resident moves out.

I need a place to live by the end of the month. Can you help me?

We do not provide emergency housing. But we have homeless prevention and outreach workers who may be able to help. Please contact our main office (604 892 5796).

Do I qualify for your subsidized and non-market housing and what type of unit can I get?

Please refer to the BC Housing Registry. The type of housing you might get is determined by your income level and household size.

What’s my place on the waiting list?

We do not operate a waiting list system. When a home becomes available that you are eligible for, we will call you.

What can I do to improve my chances of getting the housing that I need?

Get in touch at least every six months and ensure your file is up-to-date regarding your contact information, income and family size.

Someone applied for housing after me. How come they got into a home before me?

We do not run a waiting list system. Most often the timing of housing placements relates to the differences in eligibility for one of the units. Criteria include available sizes of units (1, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms), type of housing (homes for families, seniors and people with disabilities) and income level.

How can someone else be placed in housing before I am when I am in such great need?

As difficult as some situations are, there are always applicants with equal or greater needs. When choosing between very needy households, we rely on the most current information supplied by the applicants and carefully review all the factors.

What happens if my income changes? Will I have to move out?

You will not be asked to move out of the non-restricted affordable apartments in Riverstones or Centrepoint.

But if you are in our non-market housing in any of our properties, if your household’s income rises beyond the Housing Registry eligibility guidelines, you may be asked to move out within a reasonable time frame. Rent payments are re-calculated when household income changes. Rent payments may also be re-calculated when there is a change in the number of occupants in the household.

If I apply for housing with Sea to Sky Community Services, should I also apply elsewhere?

Yes, that’s a good idea. We do not know when housing will become available.

Already a tenant?

Many tenant resources are online.