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Application and Income Documents Checklist
*IMPORTANT: Please have all your documents ready to upload before you begin the application process online.

1. Fully completed SSCS Housing Application form with income verification.

2. Copies of recent Bank Statements or bank books for ALL Bank Accounts showing the last three (3) consecutive month’s transactions & the current balance of each account
*Note: Bank Statements and/or bank books must clearly display/include the Applicant’s full name and account number.

3. If employed, copies of three most recent paystubs.

4. Copy of completed and filed Income Tax Form (T1 General) and Notice of Assessment for the previous year (only required if employment income is seasonal or fluctuates).

5. Copies of recent BC Benefits Cheque Stubs and/or a Letter from the Ministry verifying the gross benefit amount you receive per month.

6. Copies of recent statements (over the last three (3) consecutive months) of all assets i.e. Bonds, Mutual Funds, Term Deposits, RRSPs, etc.

For housing application questions, please contact: or 604-503-0975


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