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Workshop | Friday March 5 | 7:00pm – 9:00pm

What About Me?
Dr. Deborah MacNamara
What about us as parents and how do we grow in the face of caring for our children? What can we do about the guilt we feel and the grief we may have caused? While we cannot stop ourselves from feeling strong emotions nor would we want to, we need to assume our rightful position in a child’s life by seeing ourselves as their best bet. Nature has a plan for parents in terms of growing us into the caretakers our children need.

About Dr. Deborah MacNamara

Dr. Deborah MacNamara is the author of the best-selling book Rest, Play, Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers (or anyone who acts like one), is on the Faculty at the Neufeld Institute, and is the Director of Kid’s Best Bet, a Counselling and Family Resource Center. She is a dynamic teacher and experienced counsellor who make developmental science come to life in the everyday context of home and classroom.

Opening Session | Saturday March 6 | 8:30am – 9:30am

Introduction to the Early Childhood Pedagogy Network (ECPN) and our Pedagogists’
Janet Lacroix & Kristin Webster
Janet Lacroix and Kristin Webster are pedagogists for the ECPN, working in the Lower Sunshine Coast and the Sea to Sky communities.
This keynote will provide a brief overview of the ECPN and the role of the pedagogist.  Using the BC Early Learning Framework as a starting point, this session will be an opportunity to think about curriculum and pedagogy, and have participants share their thoughts, curiosities, and wonderings.

About Janet Lacroix and Kristin Webster

Janet Lacroix’s work as a pedagogist is hosted by the Sunshine Coast Community Services Society – Child Care Resource and Referral.  As a pedagogist Janet is inspired by the potential of the human spirit and co-creating lively educational spaces in our community through her pedagogical work with educators, young children, and families.

Kristin Webster’s work as a pedagogist is hosted by the Sea to Sky Community Services – Child Care Resource & Referral Centre.  As a pedagogist, Kristin looks forward to collaborating with the educators, children and families of the Squamish community to create pedagogies of land/place.

Yoga Session | Saturday March 6 | 9:35am – 9:50am

Gentle Flow
Maralise Halayko
Start your morning with a gentle hatha yoga flow, this practice will be accessible to all if you have ever stretched before or not. We will spend our 15 minutes together in breathe and body to prepare you for a great day of learning and sharing.
This class will walk you into your conference feeling awake and embodied in mind, body and soul.

Workshop A | Saturday March 6 | 10:00am – 12:00pm

A1 | Introduction to Sign Language for the Early Years
Liv Meriano
This introductory workshop is intended for individuals who live or work with children developing language, who have no previous experience with sign language and are interested in learning. Participants will get the opportunity to learn some basic sign language vocabulary and the benefits of using it to enhance their interactions. Participants will gain an understanding of what is verbal and nonverbal communication, debunk the myths and facts of sign language and gain an appreciation and understanding of American Sign Language (ASL) and Signing Exact English (SEE). Participants will discuss meaningful ways to integrate it into their day and sign language resources will be available.

About Liv Meriano

Liv Meriano is a Speech-Language Pathologist at the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation who has a personal connection with the Deaf community and uses sign language in her daily practice.

A2 | Decolonization and Indigenous Place
Kristin Webster, ECE/ITE
Education has long been taught through the Western dominant lens.  We need to find space to invite indigenous knowledges and perspectives in.  Truth and Reconciliation has become a buzzword in Canada for many years now.  How do we take authentic steps towards this unless we walk eye to eye, and go forward with courage.  There are hurdles, but with an open heart and an open mind we should be able to take the necessary steps to begin the process of dismantling all the systems of oppression that were, and are still currently in place in this country and globally.
Kristin will speak to her journey as a settler ally woman walking a path of decolonization, in particular that of Early Childhood Education.  Story and history is embedded in these lands on which we dwell, so it’s a good starting point to explore this in our pedagogy with the children.
Kristin believes children are the change we all aspire to be, and that their thoughts should be taken into consideration as they hold deeper meaning which can assist in destabilizing Eurocentric discourse.
This workshop opens up the space for educators to engage in meaningful ways they can work with children in a sociopolitical curriculum.

About Kristin Webster

Born and raised in Vancouver BC, Kristin was employed by UBC Child Care Services and supervised the Salal Multiage Child Care program.  She is passionate about Land based pedagogy through a lens of Indigenous Knowledge and place.  She is currently doing her Bachelor of ECED at Capilano University with plans to continue with her masters at UBC and works as the Sea to Sky corridor pedagogist.

Lunch Break | Saturday March 6 | 12:00pm – 12:40pm

Meditation Session | Saturday March 6 | 12:40pm – 12:55pm

The Bodhi Tree and Stacey
Join us for a 15 minute recharge.
You need only sit, close your eyes, breathe deeply & listen. Stacey will guide you through a 15 minute meditation. The experience will have you feel more at peace, giving you another tool in your toolbox to use yourself and to share with the children you work with.


Workshops B | Saturday March 6 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm

B1 | Music and Circle Time
Kirsten Bevelander & Jennie Roberts
Learn songs in halq:emeylem and learn about the protocols around drums. Children love to hear rhythms and beats. Babies find the sounds soothing. Please note this is a basic lesson and will not include written songs. Learn finger plays and translated children’s songs and learn how to incorporate stories for 3 to 5-year-old’s in circle time.

About Kirsten Bevelander and Jennie Roberts

Kirsten Bevelander is the manager of the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS) Aboriginal Child Care and Referral program (ACCRR). Kirsten is part of the ACCRR Advisors team which supports Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators and child care providers around the province through training, advocacy and sharing of resources.  Kirsten has worked with children and families for over 25 years, specializing in toddler care, children with additional needs, literacy learning and Aboriginal early child development and care. She is also an instructor for the Burnaby ECE Continuing Education Program.

Jennie Roberts is Ojibway but identifies as Stó:lō Xwelxwelmexw and resides on Tzeachten First Nation. She has been working with children and families for over 35 years. Jennie’s career started with work placements in high school in Victoria. Jennie has a certificate in Early Childhood Education (ECE) through the University of the Fraser Valley in collaboration with Seabird Island 2004. In 2005 she received her Special Needs Certificate to Practice by attending night classes at the University of the Fraser Valley while working as a Head Start Coordinator at Seabird Island. Through a Seabird College collaboration with Northern Lights College, she was able to complete her Infant Toddler/Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma in 2016. In 2018, Jennie also completed her Speech and Language Assistant through Seabird College. In addition to working in child care and early learning settings, Jennie has experience as a parent, foster parent and an adoptive parent. Being a multi-parent of 10 children has provided new experiences and expertise with children who have experienced trauma and anxiety. As well as raising children with different abilities, Jennie received an Adoptive Parent Certification in 2018. Jennie’s philosophy is that children are reminders to us that we only live once, so make sure you take time to see the world through the eyes of the child you are engaging with. Jennie brings a multitude of knowledge and wide range of skill sets that makes learning fun and thought provoking.

B2 | Supporting Young Children with Autism and Related Neurodiversity’s in the Child Care Setting: An Introduction to Online Professional Development Modules
Dr. Karen Bopp
This workshop will provide an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the early childcare setting and will introduce the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration in Autism (CIRCA) On-line Professional Development modules set to be released in late 2021. Topics include early signs, talking with parents about concerns, best practice supports and services, and understanding the BC service pathway. A wide range of practical and useful resources vetted by CIRCA for the early years childcare setting will be shared.

About Dr. Karen Bopp

Director of Provincial Outreach, Dr. Karen Bopp is the lead for the CIRCA Training Initiative. She has worked extensively with children and youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families for over 25 years. Karen is serving a 4-year secondment with CIRCA/UBC from the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) where she served for 10 years in the positions of Senior Behaviour Consultant, Autism Policy Lead and, most recently, Director of Autism Information Services BC.

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