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Early Years Services

Early Years Services

Early Years services are separate and distinct from other services offered by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (childcare, child protection, mental health, or supports for children and youth with special needs). Early Years services help to broaden the range of supports available to children and families in BC.

Early Years services are delivered entirely through contracted organizations. These service organizations are strong advocates for families and children. They aim to respond to families’ unique needs. Early Years services can help connect families to the services they need, provide them with effective social supports and networks, and ultimately support the wellness of both a child and family.

Sea to Sky Community Services holds the contract for Early Years services in the Corridor. Through the Sea to Sky Early Years services, we offer the S.P.A.R.K. (Supporting Parents Along the Road to Kindergarten) program, Circle of Security Parenting program, Positive Discipline Parenting, and we are a point of contact for families seeking resources and services through the Sea to Sky Kids website, The Sea to Sky Early Years services also support the Healthy Pregnancy Outreach Program (HPOP) and the StrongStart programs (Squamish and Pemberton).


Early Years Centre contact information

Ruby Bhangoo, Early Years Coordinator:, 604 815 3808

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