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Childcare Waitlist FAQs

SSCS childcare programs are committed to providing inclusive quality childcare, for children ages 1-12 years. Like many child care programs in the Sea to Sky corridor, we are at full capacity and accept submissions for our waitlists year-round.

We understand that it can be challenging for families to find care for their child. Learn more about how our childcare waitlists work below.

Is there space available?

All of our SSCS childcare programs are currently at capacity, and due to the high demand for childcare in the Sea to Sky corridor, there is very little movement on our waitlist at this time.

How do I know if my waitlist submission went through?

After you fill out our waitlist submission form, you will receive a confirmation email with the information you provided. This email confirmation means that your child has been added to our waitlist and you will be contacted by email when space becomes available.

How long can I expect to wait until I am offered a childcare space?

The length of the waitlist times is different for each age group and program. It is very difficult to predict when a space might become available for you, or even if a space will be offered at all. Average wait times can range from 2-3 years. Note: This information is not a precise indicator of when you may receive an offer of care. We cannot guarantee that a space will become available, so we encourage families to continue exploring alternative care options. For more information on other licenced childcare facilities please reach out to:

Lisa McIntosh, Child Care Resource and Referral (CCRR) Coordinator

When do spaces typically become available?

Our transition period typically occurs between June and September of each year as children are leaving for kindergarten or aging out of our Out of School Care programs.

How does the waitlist work?

All available spaces are filled in accordance with SSCS childcare policies and commitments to our priority groups – and in compliance with provincial licensing regulations. The following relevant information will be considered when offering spaces to waitlisted families. Priority is as follows:

  • Internal transfers – the child is currently enrolled in a SSCS childcare program and is graduating to the next age group or transferring between programs within the same age group. Eligibility for internal transfer: The child must have been enrolled in a SSCS childcare program for at least 6 months
  • Sibling Priority* – siblings of children who are currently enrolled in a SSCS childcare program. Eligibility for sibling priority: The child must have been on the waitlist for a minimum of 12 months.
  • SSCS employees who hold a regular permanent position
  • The child was referred to the program by a community professional (the professional must be in contact with the SSCS childcare leadership team to confirm the referral and to determine eligibility)
  • The child was previously enrolled in a SSCS childcare program
  • The child is a sibling of a child previously enrolled in a SSCS childcare program
  • The child’s family is currently receiving other services within SSCS
  • Date and order entered on the waitlist

*The primary intent of the sibling priority policy is to help families keep siblings together during their early years and to reduce drop off and pick up challenges for our currently enrolled families.

Is there a waitlist application fee?

No. However, families that accept a childcare space are required to pay a one time $25 registration fee.

Are the preschool aged programs and the out of school care programs the same waitlist?

No, there are 2 separate waitlists for the Preschool aged (3-5yrs) programs, and the out of school care (5-12yrs) programs. You can select all relevant locations for both age groups.

What happens if I turn down a space?

If you are offered a space and do not wish to take it at the time, your place/ priority on the waitlist remains the same and you will be offered space upon the next availability. You can request to be removed from the waitlist when you decline a space offered but will lose your place on the waitlist.

How do I find out where my child is on the waitlist?

Given the various priority factors in determining who will be offered a space, we do not provide waitlist numbers and we are unable to respond to requests related to finding out where your child is on the waitlist. However, we can provide confirmation that your child is still on the list. You will remain on the waitlist until you request to be removed, you have accepted an offered space, your child has aged out of the program or you have been unresponsive to offers of space available.

If you have more questions about the waitlist, please contact our childcare coordinators.