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Caring professionals | Sea to Sky Community Services

About us

Strengthening people and communities

Every year we help thousands of children, youth and adults, building their skills, abilities, confidence, self-worth and mental health. We’re creating communities where people can support themselves and one another.

We help people through a crisis or with everyday challenges — and have been doing so since 1978. We give people opportunities to grow, develop and lead meaningful lives. Our work supports mental health (pdf).

We’re strengthening individuals and the community as a whole. For example, we’ve helped:

  • Abused women get out of a bad relationship
  • Young people gain the skills and confidence to make positive life choices
  • People with developmental disabilities to find a job
  • People who are homeless to find a place to live
  • Parents to improve their parenting skills
  • Children to get the best start in life

We are a charity. Our 2016/17 annual report is online.

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