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A huge THANK YOU to Coen Skrypnek and his fellow riders of the Dawn till Dusk Fundraiser for giving to Foundry Sea to Sky in April 2022.

Your gift gives young people in our community a chance to achieve their potential, empowers them to lead healthier lives and strengthens the bonds of our community.

Coen’s support for Foundry Sea to Sky comes from a place of deep understanding and empathy for youth who are struggling.

“Mental health is extremely important to me” says Skrypnek. “I have witnessed many friends and family approach some very dark times in their lives, and I must say, it is never fun seeing people close to you in pain. Supporting something like this, is a way I can potentially give an extra hand in the creation…of this tool for those who are in need.”

Coen is a true champion in more ways than one, by using his gifts and talents as a world cup downhill mountain bike racer, he is helping build a healthy, connected and diverse community where all youth have the opportunity to grow, develop and lead meaningful lives. Check out his epic Dawn till Dusk fundraiser ride.

The day of the event

As an ambassador for the sport of mountain biking, Coen has supported and mentored younger riders acting as a role model for them and the challenges they face. He is acutely aware of the affects mental health can play on performance and life in general. Skrypnek shares “Mental health has always been of great value in my life. I feel that the awareness for mental illness needs to become more relevant in our day and age. It’s okay to not be okay, and it’s also okay to ask for help.”

Thank you, Coen, for your fundraising efforts, your time and energy put in to advocate for our youth, and for your show of support for our active campaign for Foundry Sea to Sky.

Every gift matters, especially yours, as we work every day to ensure a bright future for our community. Thank you. Together, we’re able to do so much more.