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The late, great Robin Williams once quipped, “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’”

His words are particularly apropos this season at Sea to Sky Community Services, as staff teams and community members gather to celebrate, honour, and thank three dedicated colleagues who are retiring.

Between April and July, SSCS is honouring the remarkable careers and contributions of:

  • Jacki Adams, Supported Child Development Coordinator
  • Laurie Low, Infant Development Consultant
  • Lorraine Teanby, Childcare Coordinator

“It’s bitter-sweet,” says Jaye Russel, SSCS Executive Director. “I know that’s an overused expression, but it’s fitting. Our community has been the benefactors of their generous expertise and kindness, and we are forever grateful.”

Jacki Adams

Retiring in May, Jackie Adams has been a quiet, formidable force in child development circles. Her career has spanned more than 30 years, 22 of which have been in various early childhood development roles including the last 7 years as the coordinator for the Supported Child Development Program.

In addition to her leadership as a family advocate, problem-solver and mentor, her colleagues will miss her wicked, dry sense of humour. She has a keen ability to lighten the darkest days with a well-timed joke.

Jackie’s considerable expertise is tempered by her humble nature. Like the proverbial iceberg, her impact runs far deeper than we can see, and it will be felt long after she hangs up her badge.

Laurie Low

“I can’t imagine our journey without Laurie.” That heartfelt reflection, from a first-time mom in Squamish, will undoubtably have hundreds of other parents nodding in agreement. As a long-serving Infant Development Consultant, Laurie’s impact on our community has been vast. She has helped shape the lives of families in our region for more than 17 years, providing expertise, compassion, friendship, and foresight.

The impact of her work is incredible. She has a long history of working with families and children, before she came to us in 2006, she worked at the Whistler Children’s centre.

She is caring, trustworthy, thoughtful and it really shows in the relationships she builds with the families she supports

Described as a resource guru, Laurie has a remarkable ability to find the right supports to benefit each family she works with. While Laurie and her two colleagues supported on average over a hundred families per month through groups, program visits and individual sessions, she has a unique ability to make each parent feel as though they are the centre of her attention.

In July, Laurie will retire. And, while she will no longer show up at the office, her impact will continue to be felt across the community.

Lorraine Teanby

In April, we raised a glass to Lorraine, Childcare Coordinator, who will begin a new chapter in Nova Scotia. After more than 20 years of childcare leadership in Squamish – the last five with SSCS, Lorraine’s has built deep and meaningful connections across our community.

At a recent retirement party, her contributions were evident. Friends and colleagues spoke of her gentle approach and deep knowledge, and several noted that Lorraine was their inspiration to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education

“Lorraine is like a Momma Bear who looks out for all the children and families in her care as well as the educators that she works with,” explains one colleague.

We are grateful that Lorraine’s dedication has touched so many, and we will do our best to carry her torch.

While we have big shoes to fill in the months ahead, we will continue to reap the rewards from our generous retirees. They have made an indelible mark on SSCS and the thousands of lives they touched.