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Mayor Karen Elliott and Council welcomed SSCS Community Living Program participant and self-advocate Brandon Landry to speak at the council meeting on Tuesday, September 23, 2022.

Brandon was there to ask city council to proclaim October 2022 as Community Inclusion Month in the District of Squamish. He shared his love for Squamish and many councilors found solidarity in Brandon’s sentiments, “the beautiful Coastal Mountains, the friendly and kind people, and the many activities, but mostly, I am happy to live in Squamish and call it my hometown.”

Councilor Jenna Stoner thanked Brandon and community members for being there and reminding us of the importance of creating a community that is inclusive of everyone

“Throughout the month of October we can really shine a light on how we can work better together to make sure this is a place where everyone can feel like it’s home for them.”

Brandon has worked at Home Depot for over 9 years and enjoys spending time with his dad and meeting up with his friends at Sea to Sky Community Services. Together they enjoy many activities like going to concerts, the Farmer’s Market, Loggers’ Sports, the Sikh Festival, and checking out art displays around town. He spends his time on the trails biking on long rides, shopping in town, checking out the history of Squamish, and visiting the Sea to Sky Gondola and the Railway Heritage Park.

Councilor Armand Hurford affirmed how he feels the same way about Squamish as Brandon does and thanked him for his presentation and the CLBC for their written proclamation request. “It’s a very powerful proclamation.”

North Shore Sunshine Coast Community Council Chair Alex Evanshen and Vice Chair Clarence Li wrote in the proclamation request

“Each October, British Columbians across the province celebrate Community Inclusion Month. This is a time to recognize the contributions and potential of people with developmental disabilities. It is also a time to recognize the families, friends, caregivers, volunteers, community groups and employers who make our province stronger by ensuring people who live with diverse abilities can fully participate in our communities.”

Mayor Karen added “the request and whereas clauses (in the proclamation) are a real reminder on how we always have to be thinking… how people from different backgrounds, ages and experiences…experience our community. It’s important that we have these months so that we think more broadly…”

The council voted unanimously in support of the proclamation and the mayor declared October 2022 as “Community Inclusion  Month” in the District of Squamish. See the Proclamation.

If you would like to view Brandon’s presentation at the District of Squamish Council Meeting, click here.

Join us in thanking Brandon for his courage to present and in celebrating Community Inclusion Month this October.