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Program Expectations and Procedures

Program Expectations and Procedures

Counselling Assistance Fund for Individuals ages 15 and up, Couples, and Families


  • Applications can be filled out and submitted online or printed and dropped off at our Pemberton or Squamish offices.
  • Sea to Sky Community Services (SSCS) emails acknowledgment of your submitted application immediately. The program manager follows up within three weeks with instructions on obtaining the necessary information to start the program.
  • Clients who qualify for the program are given a list of registered clinical counsellors and their information. Clients choose their own counsellor based on the information in the list. Clients can request to see a registered clinical counsellor who is not on the SSCS list or continue a previously established relationship with their counsellor providing the counsellor is willing to join the SSCS program. Registered clinical counsellors can join the program by providing their clinical counsellor registration number, their information and contact details. There is no fee to join the program.
  • Clients are responsible for letting their counsellor know they are a part of the subsidy program when they call to schedule their first appointment, so the counsellors are aware there will be a subsidized fee for service.
  • Clients will collect a voucher, which will have a voucher number and the client’s name on the back. This voucher is to be given to the counsellor before starting the counselling appointment. There will be a unique voucher for each counselling appointment.
  • Clients are responsible to pay their portion ($30/one-hour session) of their counselling fees directly to the counsellor.
  • Clients are expected to show up for their scheduled appointments or give at least 24 hours’ cancellation notice.
  • Clients can access a maximum of six sessions. These sessions must be completed within the fiscal year (April 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2023). *Subject to availability
  • All information between the client and their counsellor is confidential. SSCS is the referring agent and will only collect the information provided on the application.
  • Clients are encouraged to contact SSCS staff if issues or barriers arise preventing the client from receiving service.

What if I lose my counselling voucher?
Your 1hr counselling voucher is given to you once your application is approved. It is what your counsellor needs so they can invoice us for eligible sessions. If you lose your voucher, contact us to look it up for you (see contact information below).

I applied before, but it’s been a while. Can I re-apply?
Yes, you can re-apply if it has been more than 6 months since your last application was approved.

Can I go to any counsellor?
No, you can only select from counsellors on the ‘List of Counsellors’ for Squamish or Pemberton. If you are already seeing a counsellor, you can inquire if they would be interested in joining this program. See below for more information on how to join as a counsellor.

I am a counsellor and I need to invoice SSCS for client sessions through the Counselling Assistance Fund, but I don’t remember what to do.
Counsellors can email invoices with the client reference number to with the date of each session delivered. Some counsellors invoice after each session, at minimum we require monthly invoices.

I am a counsellor, and I am interested in joining the subsidy program. What do I need to do?
Email to get more information.

How do I sponsor a counselling session?
Click the donate button on the right and choose Counselling Assistance Fund from the drop-down menu.

I’d like to donate but I don’t have that much money.
Give what you can and only as much as it doesn’t negatively impact your own financial well-being. Every bit helps!

I would like to help but I am not able to donate.
You can help by having conversations about mental health with your friends and family. This helps reduce those uncomfortable internal barriers for us and other people. This has a huge impact on being open and honest about where we are at, what our needs are and figuring out how to best support ourselves.

Counselling Assistance Fund contact information

Please email or call 604-892-5796 with any questions about the Counselling Assistance Fund.