Supported Child Development

Help in a child care facility

We can help children who need extra support to participate successfully in a child care program. We work with families whose child is up to 12 years of age and needing support, perhaps due to developmental delays, challenging behaviour, speech or language delays or exceptional health care needs.

We train and help parents and child care providers, help parents find a child care facility and work with the facility to ensure a successful experience. Any extra staffing required for support services is funded by the provincial government.

This program is funded by the Province of British Columbia.

“Because of SSCS my son is thriving and I don’t think it would of happened without the SSCS team. A million thank yous”

- Program participant

Supported Child Development contact information

Jacki Adams, coordinator:, 604 892 5796, ext 127 or direct dial 604 567 9097


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