Preschool-aged programs

Helping your child thrive

Our preschool-aged programs follow the HighScope concept; an active learning approach to educating young children that has proven to enhance development. Children are provided with a wide range of materials to expand their learning. The Early Childhood Educators plan experiences for children that encourage independent thinking, initiative and creativity.

Our fees are based on how much time your child is in the program.

Preschool-aged programs

  • Dragonflies and Dandelions at 38024 Fourth Avenue, Squamish  (Monday to Friday, full-day only, 8:30am-5pm)
  • Brackendale & Garibaldi Highlands Preschools at the elementary schools (Monday to Thursday, 9:15am-1:15pm)

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“Staff were very friendly, helpful and flexible. Everyone has been excellent and professional.”

“It feels like a small community where everyone knows one another. Everyone is always friendly and it’s obvious they care about our children. I love the high scope approach.”

- Program participants

Dandelions and Dragonflies contact information

38024 Fourth Avenue, Squamish (see map)

Lorraine Teanby:, 604 567 9088


Preschool, Brackendale contact information

Brackendale Elementary (see map)

Erin Chittle, senior educator;, 604 892 4099

Garibaldi Highlands Preschool contact information

Garibaldi Highlands Elementary (see map)

Contact: Gina Parry,  604 848 8344


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Dandelions & Dragonflies Summer Camp

Please contact
Michelle Gray
604 567 9088

Limited space available for essential service workers