Centrepoint: Building our future, strengthening our community

Building a stronger community

Thanks to the support of many generous donors, we are working to construct our own building, Centrepoint, in downtown Squamish. With Centrepoint, we’ll be able to provide better help to people and help more people, now and in the future as community needs grow and change.

We are working in partnership with Squamish United Church on this project; and through this project, Squamish United is building a new church.

Diverse programming
Most of our Squamish programs will move into this new space, accommodating a wide range of important programs:

  • A full range of support for childhood development:
    o    Preschool-aged programs – with staff using the High/Scope program, proven to increase children’s development
    o    Parenting and family programs – such as those that improve the health of pregnant women, build bonds between parents and babies, improve parenting skills and improve family dynamics
    o    Services that help children with additional needs, such as our physical therapy and occupational therapy programs
    o    Childcare resources, including educational toys parents can borrow and a database of childcare options in the region
  • Support for adults with development disabilities, including group activities that build life skills, one-on-one support and help with finding a job
  • Counselling and support programs, including those for women in violent relationships and for people who are homeless

A place to meet, grow and learn
There will be several rooms community groups may use for meetings, workshops and events, during non-program times, including:

  • Community rooms with adjacent kitchenette
  • A conference room
  • Meeting rooms

A safe and suitable home
Too many members of our community are forced to leave due to a lack of affordable, appropriate housing. Centrepoint includes 32 affordable rental apartments.

Be a part of this community legacy: Donate today to Centrepoint.