We are caring professionals. We strengthen individuals and build healthier communities.

Sea to Sky Community Services Society (SSCS) is a charitable organization, established in 1978. We help thousands of children, youth and adults, build their skills, abilities, confidence, self-worth and mental health. We help to create communities where people can support themselves and one another.

Our Vision: 

SSCS is a valued social service provider for individuals and families living in B.C.’s Sea to Sky Corridor. We create healthy, connected and diverse communities where everyone has the opportunity to grow, develop and lead meaningful lives.

Our Mission:

With compassion, respect and care, we provide high quality programs that enhance people’s lives throughout our region. To do this, we offer affordable housing for low to moderate income earners, early childhood care and education, social supports and mental health services for all residents of every  age and stage of life. 

Our Values:

As an agency in service to individual, family and community well-being, SSCS strives to be responsive and flexible in program design and delivery. We aim to ensure quality and accessible services and see ourselves as change makers as we develop programs and services to address the needs of our region. 

  • Compassion – We are motivated to help others openly and without judgement
  • Respect – We believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity
  • Inclusive – We welcome people of all ages, abilities, colours, genders, orientations, religions and beliefs
  • Accountability – We are reliable, open to feedback and honour our commitments to clients and each other
  • Collaboration – We work creatively within the agency and with our partners and stakeholders to enhance people’s lives
  • Professionalism – We take pride in a strong work ethic that delivers high quality programs and services


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